The Big DooWopper is a blind street musician who travels with his keyboard to play in the Chicago subway train system. You can find him in the tunnel between the Red and Blue lines near Washington and State. But being visually impaired is not a handicap for DooWopper; he has a large spirit and enjoys his "job" as much as anyone I've seen. DooWopper's colorful personality, catchy performances and songs have earned him loyal fans and friends. His nine originals reflect his many influences; from Chicago blues to Motown to Ray Charles to traditional gospel and others. On the four covers Big DooWopper laid down the four-part harmony vocals himself including his original soul-blues arrangement of Prince's "Purple Rain"! Chicago commuters have been enjoying the Big DooWopper and now it's everyone else's chance to be All In The Joy.

Song List:
1. Busy, Busy, Busy
2. You Better Be Careful
3. Drown In My Own Tears
4. My Very Joy Is You
5. Your Love
6. Ain't It Surprisin'
7. Betty Lou
8. Don't It Make You Feel Bad
9. Purple Rain
10. I'll Be In Trouble
11. Goin' To Cincinnati
12. The Glitter In Your Eyes
13. Must Be Gonna Rain
14. Interview With The Big DooWopper

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