Robert Ward's singing has the urgency and immediacy of the great southern soul singers, and his guitar playing is legendary in the history of blues and soul. Possessed of a playing style so unique, Robert's sound is instantly recognizable. He pioneered the use of the Magnatone amplifier on his '60s singles and backed The Falcons, featuring Wilson Pickett, on "I Found a Love" one of the most inspired Soul records of all time. Robert did session work at Motown and is on the Temptations' All Directions album (which included "Papa Was A Rolling Stone"). Robert was off the scene until he was re-discovered in 1991. He toured entensively, came out with three albums and won over many new fans. Soul. Truth. Power. Love. Conviction. New Role Soul -- The positive message all rolled up into an undeniable, dynamic groove.

Song List:
1. Put Yourself In My Place
2. New Role Soul
3. Never Found A Girl
4. I'm So Proud To Have You For My Love
5. Peace Of Mind
6. The Chicken Jerk
7. Whatever I Receive
8. Don't Make No Sense
9. I Come To Save You
10. Ark Of Safety
11. Chittlins Con Carne
12. I Ain't Drunk
13. Somethin' Funky's Goin' On

Reaction Report:

"An air of mysticism has surrounded Robert Ward ever since the Georgia-born guitarist reemerged from the depths of obscurity with his 1990 Black Top masterpiece Fear No Evil. His supercharged, gospel-imbued vocals and tremolo-soaked axe have been unavailable on disc since 1995, so his new alliance with Delmark is a most pleasant development...

"New Role Soul, flawlessly produced by Steve Wagner and Pete Nathan, may be Ward's most consistentently satisfying set since the revered Fear No Evil --pure, gospel-fired southern soul with strong blues undercurrents. Ward's spine-chilling vocals and simultaneous lead and rhythm guitar aim for the heavens... "

-Bill Dahl, Living Blues

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