Sunnyland Slim Smile On My Face
with Lacy Gibson & Lee Jackson Delmark DE-735 $15.99

Sunnyland Slim was one of the key figures in Chicago blues history, one who became a legend long before he died but who really never became a star. The pianist had a prolific recording career that spanned almost 50 years, from the 78rpm on into the digital age. Sunnyland never quit playing the small local blues clubs of Chicago even when he was well into his eighties. Recorded in '77, Smile On My Face was produced by Ralph Bass and features Lacy Gibson, Lee Jackson, Willie Black and Fred Below. Contains 13 selections and descriptive notes by Jim O'Neal. $ 11.98 list.

Song List:
1. Bessie Mae
2. Everytime I Get To Drinking
3. Hard Luck Blues
4. Smile On My Face
5. I Had It Hard
6. Juanita
7. Be My Baby
8. Cryin' For My Baby
9. Soft And Mellow Stella
10. Lonely Girl
11. Depression Blues
12. Lee's Boogie
13. Everytime I Get To Drinking (Take Two)

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