The Rockin' Johnny Band have mastered the sound and feel of post-war Chicago blues. They've done it by putting in time with the best Chicago blues musicians still working the taverns and clubs on the west side. And they did it on record with their '98 CD Straight Out Of Chicago (Delmark 720) as well as accompanying other Delmark artists like Jimmy Burns, Jimmie Lee Robinson, Golden "Big" Wheeler and Little Arthur Duncan on their Delmark albums. Everywhere they go the Rockin' Johnny Band wows crowds--and other musicians--Johnny with his creative and enthusiastic guitar work, and the band with its tight ensemble discipline and anything-can-happen reflexes. Take a listen. Give in to the temptation.

Song List:
1. Twist With Me Annie
2. Man's Temptation
3. My Heart Aches For You
4. Down Here On The Ground
5. Desperate
6. Little Rain
7. I'd Like To Have A Girl Like You
8. Deal Me Some Love
9. This Is Hip
10. Midnight Special
11. Twist Is Baby
12. Catfish Blues
13. In The Groove
14. Tomorrow Night

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