A.C. Reed has been playing the saxophone with class for over fifty-seven years, longer than many of us are old. He has, for the most part, dedicated his life to the music of blues. Many writers and musicians have dubbed him a living legend. Having toured and played with some of the most notable musicians of our time, A.C. has been regarded as the greatest blues saxophonist of our time. His raw, rambunctious and raunchy versions of the blues keep audiences on their feet from the time he steps on the stage until he leaves. Junk Food features some of Chicago's top blues musicians including Albert Collins, Maurice John Vaughn, Johnny B. Gayden and Casey Jones.

Song List:
1. Junk Food
2. Big Woman
3. Broke Music
4. I Got Mad
5. The President Plays
6. Give It Up (Smoking)
7. Florine
8. Lonely Man
9. Roadhouse Blues
10. 2 Women In A Pick Up
11. Party With Y'all
12. You're Going To Miss Me
13. Fed Up
14. Last Time Around

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