Willie Kent won the W.C. Handy award two years consecutively for Bass Player of The Year. He has played with almost every important blues artist in Chicago -too numerous to mention- since the '50s. This is his fourth Delmark CD and it captures Kent's full-blown stage presence. We really get the all-out singing that defines Willie Kent as blues artist. The guitarists are Billy Flynn, Willie Davis and Jake Dawson. Most of the songs are new Kent compositions three of which feature a horn section with arrangements by Willie Henderson. This may become the Willie Kent album. Posters available featuring all four Willie Kent Delmark CDs, including Ain't it Nice (653), Too Hurt to Cry (667), & Long Way to Ole Miss (696).

Song List:
1. Do You Love Me?
2. Saturday Night
3. I Had A Dream
4. Make Room For The Blues
5. Teach Me How To Lie
6. 3-6-9
7. Help Me Make It
8. Address In The Street
9. I'm Hooked
10. I'm What You Need
11. Me And My Baby
12. I Know Where I've Been
13. Somebody Else


Willie Kent has been recognized as an outstanding bass player, bandleader, and bluesman by everyone from the Handy Awards to the Library of Congress to this magazine. His recent bands and recordings have epitomized the Chicago sound, with Kent's rough and tough vocals out front and his rock-solid bass playing providing the foundation.
This new 13-track outing, Kent's fourth for Delmark, is another engaging set of powerhouse shuffles and lowdown slow blues. Kent's vocals convey the ultimate in sincerity and depth, seeming to spring from a well at the bottom of his soul. The band of seasoned professionals provides immaculate ensemble playing, with guts and grit intact. All of their musical statements are compact, both lyrically and instrumentally, with very little showy soloing. Kenny Barker's piano playing deserves special mention -- his driving rhythm parts propel the songs forward, and he adds several concise yet colorful solos.
...Another satisfying album of no-nonsense electric Chicago blues from Willie Kent.

--Niles Frantz, Living Blues

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