With Dave Bartholomew, Ernie K-Doe, Larry Darnell, Annie Laurie, Chubby "Hip Shakin'" Newsome, Erline Harris, Joseph "Google Eyes" August and James "Blazer Boy" Locks. This album features an important and highly enjoyable body of blues and rhythm and blues recordings by the De Luxe, Regal and United labels during the late '40s and early '50s. These songs are among the best and earliest examples commited to wax. Contains 25 songs, many unissued and others unavailable since their initial issue on 78s. Complete descriptive notes enclosed by Jeff Hannusch, author of I Hear You Knockin': The Sound of New Orleans Rhythm and Blues.

Part of our United Series.

Song List:
1. Country Boy
2. Girt Town Blues
3. Mister Fool
4. Never Missed My Baby
5. Jump And Shout
6. Mellow Woman Blues
7. Why Did You Say Goodbye
8. Pack Your Bags And Go
9. Do You Love Me
10. Now That You're Gone
11. Just To Be Home With You (Take 1)
12. I Cried (Take 1)
13. Hard-Lovin' Mama
14. Find A Job
15. Please Throw This Poor Dog A Bone
16. Talking To The Blues
17. Too Drunk To Drink
18. Where's The Money, Honey
19. Little Fat Woman With The Coconut Head
20. You've Been Mistreating Me
21. Process Blues
22. Get Out Of Here Woman
23. Blazer Boy Blues
24. New Orleans Women Blues
25. Jump And Shout (Alternate)

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