J.T. Brown also recorded during United's first day - and his "Windy City Boogie" was credited by United proprietor Leonard Allen with "saving our first money." J.T. is best remembered for the accompaniments he provided for Muddy Waters, Elmore James, Roosevelt Sykes, Johnny Shines, and J.B. Lenoir. Many fellow bluesmen regarded his strong, swaggering delivery and bleating tone with both admiration and a kind of friendly comic delight - J.T.'s saxophone became, in local parlance, "The Nanny Goat Horn." This CD, made up of recordings for United, J.O.B. and Atomic-H, contains most of the material he recorded as leader.
Still available on LP as Pearl 9.

Part of our United Series.

Song List:
1. Walking Home
2. Use That Spot
3. Blackjack Blues
4. Rock-Em
5. Going Home To My Baby
6. House Party Groove
7. It's A Shame To Tell The People
8. Lonely (As A Man Can Be)
9. When I Was A Lad
10. Strictly Gone
11. You Stayed Away Too Long
12. Windy City Boogie
13. Cheatin' And Lyin'
14. Blues For JOB
15. One More Chance
16. Use That Spot
17. WOPA Jingle
18. Going Home To My Baby
19. Give Her Plenty Money To Spend
20. Lonely (As A Man Can Be) (Rehearsal)

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