Golden "Big" Wheeler was a young man when he left Beaconton, Georgia. He ended up in Chicago in July '54 where he heard Little Walter playing at 38th and State. They soon became friends but Walter taught him more about the streets than about music. By '56 Wheeler had his own band but was in and out of music for the next 35 years, working to feed his family. Now he's into music full-time and the result, Jump In , is full of vibrant traditional blues. One listen to Wheeler's swooping and soaring harmonica, new compositions, uique voice and wonderful accompaniment will make you feel what a groovy date this was. Whereas Wheeler's first album, Bone Orchard (Delmark 661), featured a '50s-styled two-guitars-and-drums setting Jump In   features Golden "Big" Wheeler, vocals and harmonica; James Wheeler, guitar; Allen Batts, piano; Bob Stroger, bass; and Baldhead Pete, drums. This is a personal album from a personable blues gentleman so jump in!

Song List:
1. Gotta-Have Will Jump In
2. Fire On The Mountain
3. Chicago Winter Weather Blues
4. Connie
5. Just To Be With You
6. Bad Situation Worse
7. Guilty
8. Big Wheeler's Christmas Bells
9. Big Mishap
10. Young Generation
11. Jelly, Jelly, Jelly
12. You're So Fine

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