With Meade Lux Lewis and Pete Johnson. 14 of the 18 songs were recorded in September/October '39 at the Hotel Sherman, Chicago for radio broadcast. The remainder are from a late '38 recording at Frank Lyon's home studio. Highlights include Lewis' jive commentary on "Three Little Words" where he addresses fictitious dancers and the notorious landlady at a rent party and the duet on two pianos by Ammons and Lewis on "Saturday Night". Boogie Woogie Stomp is also the name of a book about Ammons by Christopher I. Page (pub. Northeast Ohio Jazz Society, 1997) who provided the source material for the Hotel Sherman material. Also available: Pete Johnson Central Avenue Boogie (656.)

Song List:
1. Saturday Night
2. Monday Struggle
3. Try Again
4. Jesse James
5. Mama's Blues
6. Sweet Patootie
7. Chapel Blues
8. Has Anyone Seen Corrine
9. Bear Cat Crawl
10. Hersal Blues
11. Dupree Blues
12. St. Louis Blues
13. Four O'Clock Blues
14. Shout For Joy
15. Yancey Special
16. Three Little Words
17. Bear Cat Shuffle
18. Boogie Woogie Stomp

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