Although still thought of by some as one of the "young turks" on the Chicago blues scene, Johnny B. Moore has more experience than many "grizzled veterans", with over a quarter century as a professional and countless recording sessions under his belt. This talented and versatile guitarist has previously lent his talents to Delmark releases by Willie Kent, Bonnie Lee and Karen Carroll; Troubled World is his second release for the label as a leader; his first was Live at Blue Chicago (DE-688).

Personnel: Johnny B. Moore, vocals, guitar; Baldhead Pete, drums, Mike "Sleepy" Riley, bass; Minoru Maruyama, rhythm guitar. Also with Ken Saydak, piano on two songs; Roosevelt Purifoy, piano on two songs and the horn section of Willie Henderson, Hank Ford and Kenny Anderson on three songs.

Song List:
1. Troubled World
2. Keep It To Yourself
3. Sittin' Here Thinkin'
4. I'm Going Upside Your Head
5. The Things That I Used To Do
6. Why You Wanna Do Me Like That
7. Stood Down Baby, Part Two
8. Broke Your Promise
9. Walkin' Through The Park
10. Think Twice
11. It's Too Late Brother

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