Chicago blues bassist Willie Kent is finally getting the recognition he deserves as he won both the W.C. Handy and Living Blues Awards for Blues Bass Player of the Year.

Kent's blend of traditional Delta and classic '50s Chicago blues stylings have made him a much in demand performer in Chicago and all over the world. His highly emotive, unrestrained vocals are reminiscent of Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker. Long Way To Ol' Miss contains eight Willie Kent originals and two originals by guest guitarist James Wheeler. A "new kid on the block" is guitarist Chico Banks who will make may take notice. Rather than list all the greats he's played with we'll just offer this quote: "I know everyone and have played bass with most of them." (Willie Kent 1996)

with James Wheeler

Song List:
1. Long Way To Ol' Miss
2. Blues In My Bedroom
3. Dirty Works
4. It Ain't Right
5. Ain't Got Long To Stay
6. My Friend
7. Don't Know Much About Love
8. Extension 309
9. All My Life
10. Ain't No Love In Your Heart
11. Don't Drive Me Away
12. Black Night
13. What You Doin' To Me

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