Blues in the Year One-D-One picks up where Big Time Sarah's debut CD on Delmark, Lay It On'Em Girls (659) left off -- it's another example of what you'd hear if you happened to be leaning against the bar enjoying one of Sarah's performances with her tight-as-a-drumhead regular band on her home turf. Most of the music was recorded live as it happened in the studio, and most of it on the first take, as Sarah and her BTS Express run seamlessly through their set of mostly up-tempo, funky, and contemporary blues.

Song List:
1. Blues In The Year One-D-One
2. Hound Dog
3. Ain't Nobody's Business
4. Woke Up This Morning
5. Long Tall Daddy
6. You Don't Love Me Baby
7. Cadillac Assembly Line
8. Steal Away
9. Chicken Heads
10. Down Home Blues
11. Bouncin' And Breakin'
12. Little Red Rooster
13. I Don't Want No Man

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