Byther Smith and the Night Riders Mississippi Kid Delmark DE-691

CD $15.99

This is the true story of a man's life. Byther Smith. The one they call the Mississippi Kid. An American Original, talking about the true feelings of what is happening in the world. Listen carefully, and you can get right inside there with him.

with Malachi Thompson, Sonny Seals, and Steve Berry.

Song List:
1. Judge Of Honor
2. Don't Hurt Me No More
3. President's Daughter
4. Living In Pain
5. Ashamed Of Myself
6. I Don't Know Where You Go
7. Blues On The Moon
8. Your Daughter Don't Want Me No More
9. Give Me My White Robe
10. Runnin' To New Orleans
11. Cora, You Made A Man Out Of Me
12. Monticello Lonely
13. Mississippi Kid

Byther Smith also appears on the album All Night Long.

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Byther Smith & The Night Riders - Mississippi Kid

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