Harry "The Hipster" was not merely a comical guy who made jazz-influenced novelty records in the 40s. He was truly a master pianist with a style that remained firmly rooted in the music he loved in his youth; a mixture of rag, stride, blues, boogie, traditional jazz and an occasional bop influence. Gibson picked up where his mentor Fats Waller had left off; Harry's classic recordings combine swinging jazz piano with surrealist lyricism. This CD is hazardous to the ears of squares as Gibson's incorribible disregard for the status quo is evident on nearly every song. Tracks 1-10 are from a 1989 studio session and tracks 11-16 are from a semi-professionally recorded '76 live performance with an unknown blues-rock band.

Song List:
1. Hey Man! You Just Made My Day
2. I Got Framed
3. I Wanna Go Back To My Little Grass Shack
4. Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine?
5. Get Hip To Shirley MacLaine
6. I Flipped My Wig In San Francisco
7. Back In The Days Of Dixieland And Bop
8. Boogity Woogity Blues
9. Thanks For The Use Of The Hall
10. Get Hip To Shirley MacLaine, Alternate
11. They Call Him Harry The Hipster
12. Me & Max
13. Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine? Live
14. Lowdown Showdown Inflationary Blues
15. Maple Leaf Rag And A Little Bit Of The Entertainer
16. Ragtime Raggedy Ann

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