Doc Pomus, Laurel Watson, Tab Smith 

Willie Bryant, the mayor of Harlem, led the pit band at the Apollo Theatre in the 30s, and was emcee in the 40s when he recorded ten songs (mostly blues vocals) for Apollo. The first session, from October 15, 1945, features the Tab Smith Septette with Taft Jordan (who was with Ellington at the time) and Leonard Feather. The same day Apollo also recorded teo sides each by Laurel Watson and the much beloved songwriter Doc Pomus with the same Tab Smith Group. Pomus' two later sides, this time with his own trio, are wonderful, especially "Alley, Alley Blues." Bryants second session ('49) is with a Bobby Smith group of Erskine Hawkins alumni including Heywood Henry, Bob Range and others. Blues Around The Clock features more fine and funky recordings from the seminal Harlem label.

Part of our Apollo Series.

Song List:
1. Amateur Night In Harlem
2. Blues Around The Country, Part 1
3. Blues Around The Country, Part 2
4. Naggin' Wife Blues
5. Blues Without Booze
6. Sneaky Pete
7. Because Your Baby Is On Your Mind
8. Honey In A Hurry
9. Blues Around The Clock, Part 1
10. Blues Around The Clock, Part 2
11. Alley Alley Blues
12. Blues In The Red
13. Reboppin' For Red
14. I Found Out
15. Tell Me
16. Algiers Blues
17. Phungie Phungie An' Stchew
18. Kangaroo Blues
19. I Can't Sleep
20. You'll Never Miss The Water 'Til Well Runs Dry
21. It's Over Because We're Through

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