Blu Lu Barker,Wee Bea Booze, Baby Dee

Part of our Apollo Series.

Song List:
1. Buy Me Some Juice
2. Where's Joe
3. Lyin' In Jail
4. Easy Riding Blues
5. I Just Ain't Feelin' Right (Alternate)
6. Feel It
7. I Want To See My Daddy
8. Don't You Feel My Leg
9. That Made Him Mad
10. I Feel Like Laying In Another Woman's Husband's Arms
11. Don't Tell Me Nothin' 'Bout My Man
12. I'm Gonna Put You Down
13. I Just Ain't Feeling Right
14. Look What Baby's Got For You
15. Baby Dee Blues
16. Buy Me Some Juice (Alternate)
17. You Gotta Show It To Me Baby
18. There Was A L'il Mouse

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