Guitarist Dave Specter has as much funky sweetness in his soul as anyone in town, but it's the sweet side that comes through most in his playing. Like his idols T-Bone Walker and B.B. King, Dave finds the tender heart behind even the most down-and-dirty blues sentiments. Tad Robinson's harmonica playing likewise shows a harmonica and melodic sophisication that recalls the instrument's great innovators.

Song List:
1. West Side Stroll
2. Little By Little
3. Bad Boy
4. Bluebird Blues
5. It's Too Late Brother
6. Kidney Stew
7. Wag's Blues
8. Dose Of Reality
9. I Die A Little Each Day
10. Sweet Serenity
11. On The Outside Looking In

Tad Robinson also appears with Dave Specter on blueplicity and leads a band on Last Go Round, and One to Infinity.

Albums featuring Dave Specter:


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