Dave Specter & the Bluebirds - Live In Europe Delmark DE-677

Guitarist Dave Specter has as much funky sweetness in his soul as anyone in town, but it's the sweet side that comes through most in his playing. Like his idols T-Bone Walker and B.B. King, Dave finds the tender heart behind even the most down-and-dirty blues sentiments. Tad Robinson's harmonica playing likewise shows a harmonica and melodic sophisication that recalls the instrument's great innovators.

Song List:
1. West Side Stroll
2. Little By Little
3. Bad Boy
4. Bluebird Blues
5. It's Too Late Brother
6. Kidney Stew
7. Wag's Blues
8. Dose Of Reality
9. I Die A Little Each Day
10. Sweet Serenity
11. On The Outside Looking In

Other albums with Dave Specter:
Bluebird Blues, blueplicity, Left Turn on Blue, Blues Spoken Here, Speculatin'

Tad Robinson also appears on Last Go Round, and One to Infinity.

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Dave Specter And The Bluebirds - Live In Europe

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