You are about to embark upon a beautiful musical odyssey when you listen to this recording by Reginald R. Robinson. This is he second CD by this twenty-one-year old pianist and composer who showed his mastery of ragtime playing and composition on his frst recorded effort, The Strongman.

Reginal R. Robinson's other Delmark albums are The Strongman (DE 662). and Euphonic Sounds (DE 718).

For more information about Reginald R. Robinson, check out this article from the Chicago Reader.

 Song List:
1. The Ragtime Pauper
2. A Masquerade Ball
3. To Mimic
4. Lake St.
5. Dream Natasha
6. The Conductor
7. Holly Hock March
8. Jack Johnson Rag
9. Sounds in Silhouette
10. The Ventriloquist
11. The Champ Rags
12. Swampy Lee
13. Peacherine Rag
14. Sedidus Walk
15. Little Dave Blues
16. Charles L. Johnson Medley: Doc Brown's Cakewalk/Dill Pickles/Cum Bac Rag
17. Honor'e Chester
18. Knuckle Fingers
19. Lonely Mable

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