Babs Gonzales could probably come up with a really great and very hip definition of what Jive is. I can think of several, some of them very passe: that which is hip, that which is phony as in "you jive turkey".

But as used in this album and its predecessor, West Coast Jive (657), we refer to jazz and jazz-touched blues that is humorous, not too serious and at times deflating of the hautier members of society.

Part of our Apollo Series

Song List:
1. Everything's Cool
2. 1280 Special
3. Phipps' Deep
4. It Takes A Long Tall Brown Skin Girl
5. Re Bop De Boom
6. It Ain't What You Had
7. Call The Police
8. Take It Easy Baby (Alternate)
9. Darktown Strutters' Ball
10. Bow Tie Jim
11. Blackstick Boogie
12. Travelin' Papa
13. No Lovin' Woman
14. Roy's Groove
15. Phipps' Deep (Alternate)
16. Blues In The Night
17. Old Man River
18. Whistlin' At The Chicks
19. Ain't Gonna Worry 'Bout Nothin'
20. I'd Rather Have You Fat & Happy
21. Vegetable Song

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