Jimmie Lee's style of playing transcends standard 12-bar blues, going beyond its simple formula, traversing numerous musical genres. His repertoire spans the boundaries of early American music such as folk, ragtime and country. The tunes range from standard blues, both slow and jump, through ragtime, to a haunting ballad. His guitar solos are not searing modern day blues solos, but bright sparks of pure musical genius. He is strong at points where strength is needed and provides subtle, smooth cording where only a master songster and musician can feel the touch of soulful tenderness.

Song List:
1. Lonely Traveller
2. Easy Baby
3. Can't Be Successful
4. Twist It Baby
5. Leave My Woman Alone
6. I'll Be Your Slave
7. Trifflin' On You
8. All My Life
9. 44 Blues
10. Key To The Highway
11. Times Are Getting Harder
12. Lonely Man
13. Robinson's Rang Tangle

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