featuring Tad Robinson

IF ALL THE UP-AND-COMING blues guitarists in these fifty states were for form a line according to their worth as skilled and articulate musicians, Dave Specter would stand tall and near the front. Never prone to grandstanding, he communicates an inherent sense of style and form, subtlety and swing, keeping his magnetic needle always fixed on a steady, unalterable course. Joining him on this CD is Tad Robinson, and eight-year veteran of the Chicago blues scene and an uncommonly perceptive songwriter and striking vocalist.

Song List:
1. Ridin' High
2. Sweet Serenity
3. What Love Did To Me
4. On The Outside Looking In
5. Blueplicity
6. What's Your Angle
7. That's How Strong My Love Is
8. Dose Of Reality
9. Cool Azul
10. What Have I Done Wrong
11. You've Got Bad Intentions
12. Cattin'

Tad Robinson also appears on Last Go Round, and One to Infinity.

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