Eurreal "Little Brother" Montgomery was not our run-of -the-mill lues pianist - and he'd let you know it by word and deed. There's some very different music on tis album whether you're a blues fan able to do without high enery guitar or a jazz fan capable f appreciating pre-bop. A few "dixieland" standards are present but the spirit of the blues that pervades all great jazz is ever-present.

Song List:
1. Goodbye Mr. Blues
2. South Rampart St. Parade
3. Tishomingo Blues
4. I Must Get Mine In Front
5. Struttin' With Some Barbecue
6. Boy In The Boat
7. Riverside Blues
8. Old Maid Blues
9. Saturday Night Function
10. Glitsy's Blues
11. Wailing Blues
12. Goodbye Mr. Blues (Alternate)
13. Panama Rag

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