Reginald R. Robinson has been playing and composing ragtime music since he was 15. This prodigous 20 year old has impressed the likes of Ira Sullivan and Marcus Roberts his inventive tunes and successful style.

"Very beautiful playing...I really found it delightful to hear his work."
Marcus Roberts, Down Beat

Reginal R. Robinson's other Delmark albums are Sounds in Sillhouette (DE 670). and Euphonic Sounds (DE 718).

For more information about Reginald R. Robinson, check out this article from the Chicago Reader.

Song List:
1. Maple Leaf Rag
2. Good Times Rag
3. The Strong Man
4. A Troubador Serenade
5. Spring Rag
6. Portrait Of Scott Joplin
7. Ebony Venus
8. Petunia Rag
9. Ballerina Figurine
10. Finesse
11. Boogie Man Creep
12. Just Try And Escape The Devil
13. The Show Stopper
14. The Hustler's Two-Step
15. The Kid
16. The Scamp
17. Poker Face Blues
18. Nile River Blues
19. The Jester
20. Georgia Tom
21. The Original Slow Drag
22. Honeymoon Waltz

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