It doesn't happen very often anymore. An obscure blues figure, revered by aficionados for a handful of memorable recordings, leaps right out of the dusty discographical pages and materializes in the flesh with something new to say musically.

In Jesse Fortune's case, that's precisely what has happened--and this long-overdue debut album, a sizzling collaboration between the veteran Chicago vocalist and Delmark's acclaimed young combo, Dave Specter and the Bluebirds, is the happy result. Jesse's enthusiasm blasts forth every time he sings on this album.

Recorded July 26-28, 1992.

Song List:
1. Dark Is The Night
2. Fortune Tellin' Man
3. Get Mad At My Money
4. Sandu
5. Too Many Cooks
6. Lovingest Woman In Town
7. Specter's Walk
8. Gambler's Blues
9. Be Careful With A Fool
10. Ain't About Money
11. Losing Hand

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