Wynonie Harris, Al "Stomp" Russell Trio, Duke Henderson, Frank Haywood, Cee Pee Johnson

Jive, blues and jazz worked hand in hand and enjoyed considerable popularity well into the '40s. This was Central Avenue's heyday when club after club opened durng the tremendous buildup of wartime industries in California. Here's an entertaining and always musically viable picture of West Coast Jive during its creative peak.

Part of our Apollo Series.

Song List:
1. The 'G' Man Got The 'T' Man
2. H.D. Blues
3. Let's Go Down The Road
4. Somebody Changed The Lock On My Door
5. Without You
6. You Gotta Give It Up
7. Playful Baby
8. When You're Alone
9. Get Your Kicks
10. Let's Get Together
11. Wynonie's Blues
12. I'm So Lonesome
13. Give Me My Money Back
14. Not Worth A Dime
15. Hour After Hour
16. Now Or Never
17. Don't Slam The Door
18. Miss Jiveola Brown

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