1947 small group sessions.

IN THE BEGINNING there was three: Pete Johnson, Albert Ammons and Meade Lux Lewis. These men, fine pianists all, created the great boogie woogie rage of the 30s and 40s. They stood at the peak of the boogie woogie pyramid. Everybody imitated them; all the big name bands had to have boogie woogie arrangements. But the real article was played on by a few pianists, of whom these three were the best. Pete Johnson is generally considered to have been the most brilliant of the three.

Part of our Apollo Series.

Song List:
1. Pete Kay Boogie
2. Central Avenue Drag
3. Margie
4. 66 Stomp
5. Minuet Boogie
6. Yancy Street Boogie
7. Swanee River
8. Hollywood Boogie (Alternate 1)
9. Hollywood Boogie (Alternate 2)
10. Hollywood Boogie (Alternate 3)
11. Hollywood Boogie (Master)
12. Plain Food Blues
13. Plain Food Blues
14. Wiley's Boogie

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