At fifteen, Edith Wilson became the third black woman to make phonograph records and has since spent many long and productive years in the entertainment field. While she is generally classified with he vaudeville blues singers (based on her early recordings), this is not a fair summation of her career, which has included success on the stage, screen, radio and television, in addition to the recordings for which she is best remembered by jazz collectors. A versatile vocalist, Edith sang with the Thousand Pounds of Harmony, comprised of Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller and herself, as well as a number of Broadway revues.

Song List:
1. Mistreatin' Blues
2. Hesitating Blues
3. He May Be Your Man
4. Easin' Away From Me
5. That Same Dog
6. Hey! Hey! Boogie
7. Poppa-Mama Blues
8. My Handyman Ain't Handy Anymore
9. Lonesome
10. Twiddlin'
11. Slow Creepin' Blues
12. Put A Little Love In Everything You Do

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