... Junior Wells held court at Theresa's Tavern at 4801 South Indiana on Chicago's south side. If Junior was in town, he was at Theresa's, a surprisingly small tavern several steps below street level with no bandstand, no ticket window, unreliable plumbing, an assortment of beer and liquor signs for brands the house never (or no longer) carried, and Christmas lights all year round...On Tap was conceived as an album that would emphasize Junior's Theresa's side, especially the uniquely creative muscial partnership between Junior and Sammy Lawhorn

Song List:
1. What My Mama Told Me
2. So Long
3. Key To The Highway
4. You Gotta Love Her With A Feeling
5. The Train I Ride
6. Watch Me Move
7. Someday Baby
8. Junior's Thing
9. Goin' Down Slow

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