This was Mighty Joe Young's first LP. Fellow Denmark recording artist Jimmy Dawkins wrote the original LP notes and said "Young is one of the Midwest's most gifted and conclusive guitarists and certainly Chicago's best." Mighty Joe was very active in the 60's with his own career and as session player; he recorded with Magic Sam on the two classic Delmark albums West Side Soul and Black Magic, with Willie Dixon for Columbia and on Tyrone Davis' million-seller "Can I Change My Mind." Similar to Magic Sam's albums, the music is sound of 60's soul - Blues With A Touch Of Soul. Jimmy Dawkins' original notes enclosed.

1. I Walked All Night
2. Somebody Loan Me A Dime
3. Every Man Needs A Woman
4. Why, Baby?
5. Things I Used To Do
6. Got A Bad Case Of Loving You
7. Honky Tonk

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