Throughout the years blues piano playing has been overlooked. The reasons differed from era to era; these days guitar seems to be the most popular instrument. Here's an album that focuses on some of blues' best pianists including Otis Spann who has sparked as much interest in blues piano playing as anybody. When this album was first issued on Delmark LP none of the songs were available on any other albums. Now with seven more songs added you get a full hour of Blues Piano Orgy.

Song List:
1. Blues Hurt My Tongue To Talk
2. Dresser Drawers
3. Concentration Blues
4. Kickin' Motor Scooter
5. (New Year's) Resolution Blues
6. My Baby's Coming With A Marriage License
7. Poor Boy
8. Every Time I Get To Drinkin'
9. Depression Blues
10. Stendahl Stomp
11. Tremblin' Blues
12. No Special Rider
13. Bass Key Boogie
14. Five O'Clock Blues
15. Nat Dee Special
16. Lonesome Bedroom Blues
17. Takin' Off
18. Tin Pan Alley Blues
19. Three-In-One Blues

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