Blues guitarist Jimmy Dawkins stands out as a solemn, thoughtful figure. With his ax cradled in his arms, staring through his shades into the crowd but not really seeing them, he seems merged with his songs on a higher realm. His voice pleads, his fingers answer with super-quick guitar riffs which complement each other beautifully.

Today Jimmy Dawkins is a seasoned Chicago blues veteran still actively recording albums. This CD was his first album as leader and it offers a gilmpse into the soul and character of a great blues man. Winner of the prestigious Grand Prix du Disque de Jazz given by the "Hot Club de France."

Song List:
1. It Serves Me Right To Suffer
2. I Wonder Why
3. I'm Good For Nothing
4. Triple Trebles
5. I Finally Learned A Lesson
6. You Got To Keep On Trying
7. Night Rock
8. Little Angel Child
9. I Don't Know What Love Is
10. Breaking Down
11. Sad And Blues
12. Back Home Blues

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