After his discovery by Charlie Musselwhite we first heard Carey Bell in little West side bars where the price of admission was, at most, a dollar. It was obvious that he should be recorded and sessions were held using the musicians who played with him at those little corner taverns. Most of the bars and the sidemen have faded from the scene but Carey Bell, Pinetop Perkins and Jimmy Dawkins have earned well-deserved fame. Carey went on to become a member of Earl Hooker's best band, then held membership in the bands of Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, Willie Dixon, Howlin' Wolf, and worldwide tours while his own group, often including his gifted son Lurrie. There's a passion and a hunger in his first performances that makes this album a must for fans of Chicago blues harp.

Song List:
1. I'm Ready
2. I Got To Find Somebody
3. I Wanna Will My Love To You
4. Blue Monday At Kansas City Red's
5. I'm Gonna Buy Me A Train Ticket
6. Come On Over Here
7. I Cry So Much
8. Sad Dreams
9. Everything's Up Tight
10. You Know It Ain't Right
11. Last Night
12. Rocking With A Chromatic
13. I'm Gonna Buy Me A Train Ticket (Alt)
14. Walking In The Park
15. Carey Bell's Blues Harp

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