Magic Sam West Side Soul Delmark DD-615

Re-Mastered Digipak CD $15.99 - LP $19.99

with Mighty Joe Young. Five Stars from Downbeat

Sam's Singing and playing have their roots deeply implanted in the Mississippi soil of his youth as well as in the traumatic everyday life of the raw West Side. But like all good blues and all great art, he reaches far beyond his ethnic origins and his everyday experiences and speaks for us all. That is why you will like this album regardless of your previous taste if you are reasonably "aware," "hip," "turned-on" or whatever your generation's slang may be for being in touch with humanity and life.

One of the greatest blues albums of all time, West Side Soul was chosen by Living Blues magazine as one of it's top ten Desert Island Blues Discs. The new Digipak case contains previously unissued photos and 1960s pluggers (promoting west side gigs) from the private collection of Bill Lindemann. The source material for the CD is the original 1967 analog stereo mix by Stu Black who recorded many of Delmark's classic 1960s blues and jazz recordings. With Mighty Joe Young, guitar; Stockholm Slim, piano; Earnest Johnson or Mac Thompson, bass; Odie Payne Jr. or Odie Payne III, drums. 12 songs include That's All I Need, I Need You So Bad, Feelin' Good, All Your Love, Don't Want No Woman, Sweet Home Chicago and more. Also available: For the first time - an official Delmark West Side Soul T-Shirt!

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