The legendary Tennessee blues poet Sleepy John Estes toured Europe in 1964. These are studio recordings in Copenhagen and London featuring Hammie Nixon on harmonica and jug. As Sleepy John bathed in curtain calls, signed autographs for the first time in his life and began to feel at home in the immense auditoriums of major European cities, he realized that the audiences of thousands of European jazz and blues fans really knew what his blues were talking about and Sleepy John Estes woke up and performed at the height of his considerable powers. In Europe shows that by the end of the tour he was playing and singing better than at any time since his dramatic rediscovery in 1962. Contains an unissued "Blues For JFK".

Song List:
1. Needmore Blues
2. Who's Been Tellin' You
3. Airplane Blues
4. Vernita
5. Denmark Blues
6. I'm A Tearing Little Daddy
7. I Stayed Away To Long
8. Drop Down Mama
9. The Woman I Love
10. you Oughtn't Do That
11. Easin' Back To Tennessee
12. I'm A Tearing Little Daddy (Alternate)
13. Blues For JFK

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