Big Joe Williams & J.D. Short Stavin' Chain Blues Delmark DD-609

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...Joe dug into a patch and scuffed cardboard guitar case, rummaged through a spare shirt and old recording contracts and came out with a handbill with his photo on it to prove that he was "the" Joe Williams of Columbia Records fame. Once Joe sat down and played his bastard instrument the proprietor knew he was listening to the raw country blues of one of his favorite singers. Joe insisted on a formal audition at his cousin's home on Cole Street the following Sunday afternoon... By the light of a bare 40-watt bulb, Koester heard for the first time the magnificent combination of two guitars and blues harmonica without surface noise. The other guitar was played by Joe's cousin J.D. Short.

Song List:
1. Stavin' Chain Blues
2. Roll & Tumble
3. Mean Stepfather
4. You Got To Help Me Some
5. You're Gonna Need King Jesus (Alternate)
6. Jumpin' In The Moonlight (Instrumental)
7. Rocks & Gravel
8. Sweet Old Kokomo
9. Nobody Knows Chicago
10. Gonna Check Up On My Baby
11. You're Gonna Need King Jesus
12. Rambled And Wandered
13. Going Back To Crawford, Miss.
14. Stavin' Chain Blues (Alternate)
15. J.D. Talks

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Big Joe Williams & J.D. Short - Stavin' Chain Blues

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