Roosevelt Sykes is one of the most important urban bluesmen of all time. That's a strong statement, but Roosevelt Sykes is a strong singer, a powerful pianist, a magnificent personality, and a profound influence on other bluesmen of his own and several succeeding generations. One has but to listen to note traces of the Sykes style. His compositions (including Night Time Is The Right Time, a vehicle for Ray Charles, and Driving Wheel, revived by Junior Parker) are an important part of the blues repertoire. His piano was heard behind virtually every blues singer who headquartered in St. Louis during the 1930's.

Roosevelt Sykes Bey was born in Helena, Arkansas on January 31, 1906. He worked on a cotton farm, in sawmills, in a cafeteria and as a cab-driver. Sykes is glowing in his praise of Lee Green and Leroy Carr whom he quickly equalled or surpassed. He lists his favorite pianists as Earl Hines, Count Basie and Fats Waller.

Song List:
1. Kickin' Motor Scooter
2. Red-Eye Jesse Bell
3. I Like What You Do (When You Do What You Did Last Night)
4. New Fire Detective Blues
5. North Gulfport Boogie
6. Watch Your Step (If You Just Can't Be Good)
7. Ho! Ho! Ho!
8. Key To Your Heart
9. We Gotta Move
10. Dresser Drawers
11. Living The Right Life
12. Run This Boogie
13. Slidell Blues
14. Mistake In Life
15. You So Small
16. Concentration Blues
17. She's Got Me Straddle A Log

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