Yank Rachell's Tennessee Jug-Busters Mandolin Blues Delmark DE-606

CD $15.99

With Sleepy John Estes; Big Joe Williams; Mike Bloomfield, g; Hammie Nixon, hca/jug
Yank Rachell was the master of mandolin blues and this was the first blues LP to feature this instrument. Of course the mandolin had been recorded before that; Yank himself recorded for Victor in 1929 & '30. Later he accompanied Memphis Minnie and Walter Davis in the studio. He met Sonny Boy Williamson (the first one) and the two became good friends, recording together for several years. The folk-blues revival of the early '60s saw older bluesmen being re-discovered. Delmark found and recorded Estes, Speckled Red, Big Joe, Arthur Crudup & Yank, which was the beginning of blues recording at the label. Six previously unissued performances have been added bringing this album up to 63 minutes.

Song List:
1. Texas Tony
2. Girl Of My Dreams
3. Do The Boogie Mama (Take 3)
4. Starvation In My Kitchen
5. I'm Gonna Get Up In The Morning
6. Lonesome Blues
7. Shout Baby Shout
8. Rocky Mountain Blues
9. Do The Boogie Mama (Take 2)
10. Stop Knocking On My Door
11. Doorbell Blues
12. Move Your Hand
13. Get Your Morning Exercise
14. When My Baby Comes Back Home
15. Up And Down The Line
16. Bye Bye Baby


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Yank Rachell & Tennessee Jug-Busters - Mandolin Blues

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