Big Bill Broonzy said of Texas blues pianist Curtis Jones; "he had a way of playing piano I haven't never heard nobody play...or even try to...nobody could learn his style." Odd figures creep in that seem to be borrowed but the overall style is uniquely his. Shortly after recording this solo album in 1962 Curtis moved to and remained in Europe for the rest of his life, spending most of his time in Paris, playing concerts and clubs in most major cities from Scandinavia to Iberia and across the straits in North Africa. For ten years he found the appreciation and a modest income denied him in the United States. The CD Lonesome Bedroom Blues contains two alternate takes and descriptive notes by Bob Koester.

Song List:
1. Lonesome Bedroom Blues
2. Evil Curse Blues
3. Highway 51
4. Stackolee
5. Curtis Jones' Boogie Woogie
6. Tin Pan Alley
7. Gut Bucket Blues
8. Rolling The Blues
9. Black Magic Blues
10. Love Fake Blues
11. Tour Blues
12. Tour Blues (Alt)
13. Lonesome Bedroom Blues (Alt)

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