Between the boards of this album will be found the music and the personality of Joe Lee Williams, traveler, musician, vocalist, composer, lover of life, teller of tales and dealer in mysteries. When this album was first released in 1960 his exact whereabouts were unknown. On this album, his first as a leader, Joe played a battered six-string guitar with one of the tuning pegs damaged beyond repair. He added a flange with four additional pegs to make his unique 9-stringed instrument. The important thing is that Joe knows where to find the notes he wants - and that he always seems to want the right one for the emotional content of the lyrics he happens to be singing.

 Song List:
1. Baby, Please Don't Go
2. Drop Down Mama
3. Mellow Peaches
4. No More Whiskey
5. Tailor Made Babe
6. Big Joe Talking
7. Some Day Baby
8. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
9. Peach Orchard Mama
10. Juanita
11. Shetland Pony Blues
12. Omaha Blues

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