Speckled Red, (Rufus Perryman) was a member of the first generation of blues pianists to record. His rugged blues and boogies have all the robust quality the good time blues should have. He played in taverns and whorehouses where life was lived at a fevered pitch and, tho there's the occasional trace of sentimentality...

Be Warned: the tracks The Dirtier the Dozens and The Dirtiest Dozens contain lyrics which, while common in the brothels where they originated, are not for air play or children- yes, explicit language abounds on these two tracks.

But if you're looking for a memorable blues listening experience, this is it!

 Song List:
1. The Dirty Dozens
2. The Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo
3. If You've Ever Been Down
4. Wilkins Street Stomp
5. Cow Cow Blues
6. Just Blues
7. Red's Boogie Woogie
8. Going Down Slow
9. Highway 61 Blues
10. After Dinner Blues
11. Cryin' In My Sleep
12. Early In The Morning
13. Love Is Like A Faucet
14. Speckled Red Speaks
15. Delmar Blues
16. Feel So Good
17. The Dirtier Dozens
18. The Dirtiest Dozens

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