Brad Goode
Tight Like This

Delmark DE 594

Jazz trumpeter Brad Goode is back with his fourth Delmark CD, Tight Like This (yes, the same "Tight Like This" recorded by Louis Armstrong's Hot 5). He is accompanied by Adrean Farrugia, piano; Kelly Sill, bass; Anthony Lee, drums. A review of Goode's previous Delmark CD said: "Goode's command of the trumpet allows for plenty of risk-taking moments, drenched with technical astonishment and raw emotion. With an abundance of melodic ideas, the Chicago native walks a musical tightrope, creating a rush of improvised suspense. His free-flowing approach, most notably on "I Remember You" and "No Idea", is playful and refreshingly unsentimental. Nature Boy (Delmark 578) emphasizes everything genuine going on in jazz today. Goode and company are performing at an incomparable level, at once virtuosic and innovative." -John Barron, All About Jazz Also available: Hypnotic Suggestion (567), Shock Of The New (440).



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