Jo'burg Jump is named after the enthusiasic response that audiences in Johannesburg, South Africa and Mozambique had to the music of the New Horizons Ensemble. Leader Ernest Dawkins said "They were literally jumping up and down, dancing on tables. I was struck by how much our avant-garde music and their music have in common." But that's not surprising. Even though Ernest is chairman of The AACM and he uses "avant-garde" to describe his music the NHE always remains accessible yet vital. What is surprising is that this is their first U.S. CD. The ensemble has been together more than a decade and have a reputation as one of Chicago's best. Ernest Dawkins, tenor and alto sax; Ameen Muhammad, trumpet; Steve Berry, trombone; Yosef Ben Israel, bass; Avreeayl Ra, drums; and guest Jeff Parker, guitar.

Song List:
1. Stranger
2. Jo'Burg Jump
3. The Gist Of It
4. Shorter Suite
5. Goldinger
6. Turtle Island Dance
7. Transcension

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