Lin Halliday was embraced by his fans as a hero. That was especially true in Chicago, where the Arkansas native rode into town in 1980 after years of scuffling in places like Hollywood, New York and Nashville and paying his dues in the employ of such high-profile players as Philly Joe Jones, Louis Bellson and Maynard Ferguson. An inveterate bopper with a bandstand hunger that kept him plugging away in hole-in-the-wall Windy City joints like the Get Me High Lounge and the Deja Vu, he represented a diehard breed of musician who didn't need a foil to stage a cutting contest. Day in and day out, he was his own best competition. Lin Halliday, tenor sax; Jodie Christian, piano, Denniss Carroll, bass, Tom Kronquist, drums. Lin passed away earlier this year but we have this wonderful 1988 session to remind us of his artistry.

Song List:
1. Airegan
2. Sophisticated Lady
3. With A Song In My Heart
4. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise
5. My Foolish Heart
6. Hello Young Lovers
7. Love Letters
8. Cherokee

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