As they grow and expand the Quality Six have become a force to be reckoned with. Aside from their numerous projects, spanning several labels and countless bands, the Quality Six bring forth a sound so distinct and yet familiar that you feel as if they have been here forever. Building on the Kansas City swing of their first album, Heretic Blues (Delmark 513), the Q6 mix up '60s groove jazz and Tom Waits- inflected blues on Control Freak. Leader and drummer Kevin O'Donnell's tight grooves and open rhythms form seamlessly around deft arrangements and fearless solos, carving and shaping a jazz sound that is in every way complete. Kevin O'Donnell, drums; Andrew Bird, violin, vocals; Chris Greene, alto and soprano sax; Josh Bell, tenor sax; Colin Bunn, guitar, Josh Hirsch, bass.

Song List:
1. She's Got The Apples (Le Jazz Sillon)
2. Man Alive
3. One Lonely Drum
4. Tight And Long
5. Control Freak (Candy Dish Stomp, Pt.II)
6. The Blanket Drag
7. The Depths
8. Oh, So Quietly He Went
9. Tell Everyone I Said Goodbye
10. Thanks For Dinner
11. Caravan
12. No More Oscar
13. Chocolate Eggs

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