Conversations marks a relatively rare studio appearance and a first-time collaboration with the Ritual Trio by tenor saxophonist Archie Shepp, a fabled instigator of the '60s avant-garde. Prior to this album, Shepp has made only three recordings this decade, and just one under his own name. This album celebrates the vitality and accomplishments of bassist Fred Hopklns who died in January of 1999 and left an important legacy. Perhaps it is that overriding concern with a fallen warrior that accounts for the saxist's piquant invocation of hidden spirits and faded aurae. A recording of unusual depth and spiritual power by Shepp and The Ritual Trio - Kahil El'Zabar, drums; Ari Brown, piano and tenor sax; Malachi Favors, bass.

Song List:
1. Conversations 1/The Introduction
2. Big Fred
3. Kari
4. Whenever I Think Of You
5. Conversations 2/The Dialogue
6. Brother Malcolm
7. Revelations

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