Features members of avant-rock ensembles Tortoise and Isotope 217. The trio of Rob Mazurek (cornet), Chad Taylor (drums) and Noel Kupersmith (bass) are joined by guitarist Jeff Parker on a few tracks. Since recording Playground (Delmark 503), the Chicago Underground's Delmark debut, the three year old outward-bound collective has garnered much critical and popular attention from audiences in the US, Canada and Europe. Possible Cube is a continuation of the group's ever-evolving sound that incorporates such disparate musical directions as post-bop, dub, free improvisation, electronic composition and world music. Recorded and mixed by Bundy K. Brown.

Song List:
1. Othello
2. Shaw Town
3. O Balanco
4. Nude Anthem
5. The Enormous Room
6. Pisces
7. Into Another You
8. Passaros
9. O Sino
10. LMNO
11. Munir E Salete
12. Teletransportation Unit 3
13. Future Ancestors
14. Energia
15. Arthur Na Igreja
16. Leonardo
17. La Jetee

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