Wielding his courtly tenor, Von Freeman defines Chicago-tough or smooth romantic in the manner of his early idol Lester Young. An ageless upstart at 76, he can send shivers through the air with his expressive squeals and unhinged harmonies--or offset the balance between day and night in negotiating conservatism and revolution. Having participated with Freeman in tenor "battles" at Chicago's storied Green Mill, Ed Petersen knows full well to expect the unexpected whenever he locks horn with Vonski--particularly since he himself is no fresh-scrubbed kid. Ed Petersen, who, having soared with Freeman on this album, can only continue his own ascent. With the rhythm section of Willie Pickens, Brian Sandstrom and Robert Shy.

Von Freeman appears with Frank Catalano on You Talkin' to Me?!

Ed Petersen also appears on Upward Spiral and The Haint.

Song List:
1. Mr. P.C.
2. Four
3. Lover Man
4. A Night In Tunisia
5. Lover

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