Bright Moments Return Of The Lost Tribe Delmark DE-507 $15.99

Joseph Jarman, Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre, Adegoke Steve Colson, Malachi Favors, Kahil El'Zabar.
On Return of The Lost Tribe Kahil El'Zabar has assembled several leading lights from the early days of the AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians). The result is an explosive and swinging reunion of the Chicago avant-garde. Their music glows with an authority not duplicated by those who came after; it speaks from their original era, but with a stirring presence eagerly welcomed some 25 years later. Kalaparusha makes a long-awaited return with this recording - the first to feature his clarion tone and soul-wrenching improvisations in almost twenty years. Contains all original compositions by members of the group.

 Song List:
1. Return Of The Lost Tribe
2. Song Of Joy For The Predestined
3. Kudus
4. Dance'm
5. Fragmentation-Prayer At Twilight
6. Ornette
7. Dream Of

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