Not too long before this album was recorded a reunion took place in Chicago between Barrett Deems and. veteran Columbia Records producer George Avakian, who recorded Louis Armstrong's great All-Stars sessions (mid-'50s albums Ambassador Satch, Plays Fats, etc...) when Barrett Deems was the group's drummer. On his second big band album, Groovin' Hard , the 85 year young Deems gives us a kicking, driving, loosely swinging workout on classic charts in the ever young Basie-Wilkins-Hefti mold, many freshened up with assorted amendments and on-the-money solos.
Note to Delmark distributors - please be very aware the label name on this CD is Lydia Records. We will be selling these to you but do what you must to input the selection information into your computer so that when stores order this you will know it comes from Delmark. Carries Delmark bar code.

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